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About me

An introduction....  
A bit about my family history and some pictures from the family album


My Music

Information about some of my favourite artists and links to their official web sites.


Leicester City Football Club

Quite a bit about my favourite footy team. Details of LCFC's history, some pictures, and plenty more. 


Some details (well, quite a lot really !) about my running, 
from 5k to the 26.2 miles of the marathon.

"The Mars / Nutrasweet / Flora / Virgin London Marathon"

Find out how I did in the  1988 , 1993, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2011 races

Next Marathon is....

My first overseas marathon

New York Marathon

Running in the big apple to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation

also read about my runs in the

The Fortis Rotterdam Marathon 13th April 2008 
(20 years after my debut at the distance !)

The ING Amsterdam Marathon 19th October 2008

The Boston Marathon 20th April 2009


The  Real Berlin Marathon 20th September 2009

The Bank Of America Chicago Marathon  10th October 2010


The Dingle Marathon 3rd September 2011

You can also find some Information about

"Northbrook Athletic Club"

and a link to its web site.

Dingle Marathon A lovely town in Co. Kerry, Ireland where you can relax and enjoy some terrific scenery...

The 2011 Dingle marathon was Saturday 3rd September ...
and  I did it . I returned in 2014 and ran the Dingle Half.
I should have been back in 2016  for the half marathon but thanks to Aer Lingus cancelling my flight at the  last minute I didn't make it.

Visit the marathon web site HERE


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Praise most welcome, Constructive criticism accepted but abusive comments you can keep to yourself !!!
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