Eleanor McEvoy

Back in 1991 Eleanor had two jobs. By day she was a violinist with the Irish National Symphony Orchestra, and by night playing pub gigs fronting her own rock band. The rock band was her first love, but she kept the day job, often driving through the night after a gig to be back with them by ten o'clock the following morning. Eleanor was also doing session work with the likes of Phil Coulter and Sinead O'Connor, and writing and playing her own compositions. One of those songs would change her musical path forever.

That song was "A Woman's Heart" At the time of writing it,  Eleanor was working with Mary Black. They recorded the song as a duet, and it was from hearing it that I discovered Eleanor McEvoy. The song gave it's name to a compilation album of songs recorded by Irish female artists such as Sharon Shannon, Dolores Keane, Mary Black, Frances Black and Maura O'Connell. The record company thought the album may sell 10,000 copies, but it actually sold over 350,000, to become the best selling release in Irish history at the time.

From there Eleanor signed a deal with Geffen Records. She quit the day job and started recording her self titled debut album, which contained her own version of A woman's Heart. A version of the song by Mary Black and Emmylou Harris can be found on a double album entitled "Absolute Irish" which was exclusively available from W H Smith. Released in 1995, it is now long deleted. The album did not contain anything performed by Eleanor. Featured acts on the CD were mainly those who appeared on "A Woman's Heart", plus contributions from Kieran Goss and Christie Hennessy. The second disc contained four tracks by Christy Moore, one of which was "Fairy Tale Of New York"

After the first album on Geffen, there was a change of label, when Eleanor signed with Columbia. For some unknown reason neither of Eleanor's releases on Columbia, "What's Following Me" (1996) or it's follow up three years later "Snapshots" were given UK releases. Eleanor has tried to buy the rights to the two albums but Columbia will not sell, and even more bizarrely, they are no longer available !!  They do however regularly appear on eBay. 

In 2008 the Snapshots album was released on the Mosco Label in the UK

Eleanor McEvoy Promo PhotoSigned photograph, obtained when Eleanor played "The Hibernian" A well known pub venue in Birmingham.

One of the rare occasion when I saw Eleanor play with a full band.
Tour was to promote the first album, probably 1993. 

Eleanor McEvoy signed CD bookletSnapshots Signed CD
Eleanor McEvoy CD booklet signed at the Mean Fiddler, London gig 199?Snapshots US promo CD signed

Early Hours Signed CD
Out There Signed CD
Early Hours CD signed by Eleanor at the Birmingham MAC Gig 24.3.2004Out There CD signed

Yola Signed CDAlone
Yola CD signed at the Harbury Village Hall gig 12.2.2008
Alone CD signed at Birmingham Glee Club gig 21.9.2011


Eleanor McEvoy 
(Geffen 1993)
What's following me
( Columbia 1996) 
Not given a UK release

(Columbia 1999) 
Not given a UK release

(Blue Dandelion Records 2001) 
also on Market Square records as a SACD release
Eleanor McEvoy (Special Edition)
 (Market Square Records 2003) 
Remastered Re release of the original 1993 album with new artwork and four bonus trax
Early Hours 
(Market Square Records 2004)
Out There 
(MoscoDisc 2006)
Love Must Be Tough 
(MoscoDisc 2008)
Singled Out - The Independent Singles
Includes new track Oh Uganda
(MoscoDisc 2009)

I'd Rather go Blonde
(MoscoDisc 2010)

(MoscoDisc 2011)

If You leave
(MoscoDisc 2013)

(MoscoDisc 2014)

Naked Music
(MoscoDisc 2016)

The Thomas Moore Project
(MoscoDisc 2017)

What New Linda SleeveU.S. Promo Only CD

"What's New Linda ?"
US Columbia 1996 (CSK9039)
Includes "Precious Little"
Recorded live for WRLT
"Nashville Sunday Night"

This one is a bit of a rarity.
I have only ever seen one copy and it's mine !!

So you know what to look out for, the artwork and the sleeve note is reproduced here.
Whats New Linda - Eleanor sleeve note

Portrait Of A Songwriter
UK Promo only CD
"Portrait Of A Songwriter" 
Freebie with "Hi Fi News" Contains
 7 tracks, all previously released material. 

From Yola:
Isn't It A little Late and Did I Hurt You / The Rain Falls

From Snapshots:
 More To This Woman and Wrapping Me Up In Luxury

From Whats Following Me?
 Precious Little and Whisper A Prayer To The Moon 

From Eleanor McEvoy
Only A Womans Heart

Early Hours Review

Review taken from the "HMV Choice" magazine March / April 2004

Eleanor McEvoyWhats Following MeEleanor McEvoyYola
Eleanor McEvoy - Special Edition After Hours Out TherePortrait of a Singer
Whats New Lindalove must be tough Singled OutI'd Rather Go Blonde
Alone SignedIf You Leave StuffNaked Music

Tony and Eleanor at Ceol Castle 18.6.2002

After the gig at Ceol Castle, Birmingham Tuesday 18th June 2002
(Wearing original 1993 T Shirt !!)

Eleanor on stage at Ceol castle 18.2.2003

Eleanor at the Ceol Castle, Birmingham 18th February 2003

Tony and Eleanor at Birmingham MAC 24.3.2004

After the gig at Birmingham MAC Wednesday 24th March 2004

Birmingham  MAC 22.5.2205

After the gig at Birmingham MAC 22nd April 2005

The following three shots were taken at the Leicester Y Theatre
Friday 29th April 2005

Leicester Y

Leicester Y

Leicester Y

And this one is from the Little Civic gig in Wolverhampton, 12th October 2006

Early Hours Signed Poster

Harbury Village Hall 12.2.2008
On Tuesday 12th February 2008 Eleanor played at the Harbury Village Hall, only a few miles from Coventry.
It was part of a series of concerts promoted by "Nu Roots" bringing together contemporary folk and tradition.

The stage was shared with Tim Edey (guitar and accordian) Brendan Power (Harmonica) and Lucy Randal (Bodhran and percussion). Playing a mixture of the trio's work and Eleanor's it was a great gig, particularly when as a four piece they played "The Fire Overhead", with Brendan playing what would have normally been the fiddle part.
After seeing Eleanor many times over the years, usually solo or with Brian Connor, it was a welcome change to see
and hear Eleanor playing alongside such a talented bunch of musicians. I have to go back to 1996 (?) when I last saw
her with a band, at  the Mean Fiddler in London, when lead 
guitarist that evening was her Brother, Kieran McEvoy.
That was the period that Eleanor refers back to as her "rock chick" days !!

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