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Ashby 20
Sunday 13th March
Running Number 367


Conditions were good, that is until about 18 miles when it came over a bit dark and it started to get cold. A light flurry of snow or sleet only lasted a few minutes. The last mile is a tough one, fast going out but coming back up the hill on tired legs isn't easy.
A finishing time of 2:30:08 was achieved.
Would have been nice to get under 2:30, but as my target was 2:30 / 2:35 I guess that I shouldn't be that disappointed.


Milton Keynes Half Marathon
Sunday 20th March
Running Number 819


Good conditions for this half, a mostly traffic free race, using the footpaths and cycle routes round Milton Keynes. A week after my 20 at Ashby I was still feeling the after effects and wasn't that confident of putting in a good performance. I set myself a target of 1.30 / 1.35 which I knew I would have to work hard to achieve.
I got off to a good start and then pushed myself to finish in 1:32:44 very nearly a new PB


The Flora London Marathon
Sunday 17th April
Running Number 22889

After months of training the big day arrived. Weather forecasts from Wednesday onwards had predicted rain and winds for the day, then on Saturday they changed their minds and predicted a sunny day - which was spot on as I found out at half past six in the morning when the sunlight beamed through the chink in the bedroom curtain !! Before breakfast my race plan was decided - I would go for finishing in just under the magical 3:15.. enough to get a PB, but also with it would come automatic entry for the next two years. I wrote the splits on my arm and went down for breakfast.

Walking over Blackheath made me sweat, and I thought maybe a little spot of rain wouldn't be that bad after all.

After the usual slowish start I got into my stride and everything went well, at 9 miles I was just one second over my split time target. After about 18 though the going started to get a bit tougher and each mile was taking a bit longer, and I had to dig deep. I realised that my sub 3:15 target was slipping away, but a PB was still achievable.  Nearing the end I went through the last couple of miles and 385 yards in my head, Embankment, Big Ben, Birdcage Walk, Buckingham Palace and the final right turn into The Mall.
I rounded the final corner and the finish line came into view. The spectators over the last few miles were fantastic, cheering and urging everyone on to their own personal victory. Support all round the course was superb, their numbers swelled due to the fine weather (that is for them, not the runners !)
From somewhere I found a little bit extra and pushed for the line, crossing in a time of
3 hours 26 minutes and 55 seconds knocking 1 minute and 32 seconds of my previous PB.



Oxford Town And Gown
Sunday 15th May 2005
Distance 10k
Running Number 1697


It just gets better...
10 years after setting a PB of 42mins 41secs in the Coventry BUPA 10k on Sunday 15th October 1995, I completed the Town And Gown in a new PB, knocking 1min 16seconds of my previous best to finish in a time of  41mins 26secs



Two Castles
Warwick Castle to Kenilworth Castle
Sunday 12th June 2005
Distance 10k
Running Number 1280
Last did this race in 1995 !!
For this one I couldn't reprise my performance in the Town And Gown. 
Probably down to the four days in Barcelona the previous weekend !!
A nice course with a hilly bit in the middle. Target time was between 42 and 43 minutes.
Finished in 42mins 54seconds.
Must try harder next time.


    Coventry Lady Godiva Half Marathon
Sunday 25th September 2005
Distance 13.1 miles
Running Number 1253 

After a delay of 15 minutes I was standing on the start line with Fred Flintstone in front of me. I decided to push a little bit further towards the front, and, would you believe it Scooby Doo was on the front line. Obviously not serious runners I thought.....
After less than 100 yards I passed a couple who remarked "I'm not going to run at that pace".
Why oh why do people not start in their designated time zones ?  It makes it so much easier for everyone. I am not suggesting this was unique to Coventry Half, It happens at every race.
I shall now get off my soap box !
 Excellently organised, with Lady Godiva giving out the medals at the finish line. Support along the course was very good, and the marshal's were offering encouragement all the way round. That's something that runners appreciate, and unfortunately in some races you don't get a peep out of marshals. 
But... if this event is to make a mark on the race calendar it must find a better route. The course seems to be mainly uphill, and the out and back along major roads combined with a full lap of the Coventry Ring Road at the beginning, and half a lap towards the end just doesn't make it an interesting route. Fellow Coventry runners were not pleased with the route, so what must those who travelled have thought ?

I went into the race unsure of how I would do after a knee problem on Monday. Plenty of treatment throughout the week and a few days rest proved to be beneficial. After taking the first few miles easy I picked up the pace on the second half to finish in a time of 1:40:54


Kenilworth Half Marathon
Sunday October 9th 2005
Distance 13.1 miles
Running Number 761


A great half marathon and one which I would certainly put on the race calendar for next year. Superb course from Kenilworth to Hasley Knob, Beausale and back, Rural route along quiet mainly traffic free Warwickshire roads. Some testing hills, particularly the one at 12 miles, but then a nice downhill to the finish line.


Finishing time 1:35:41



Rugby 10
Sunday October 16th 2005
Distance 10 miles
Running Number 475
If you are looking for a 10 mile PB course.....then don't do this race !!!!  
There are a couple of hill's, the toughest  "Cart Hill" coming between miles two and three, and the other between seven and eight.  Its a nice run otherwise, through countryside and some small villages. One downside is that none of the roads are closed, so care is needed at all times.
Finishing time 1:12:20



Sneyd Striders
Christmas Pudding Run
Sunday 11th December 2005
Distance 10 Miles
Running Number 72


Six weeks ago I was really looking forward to my third Pudding run, and after good performances in the two half marathons and the rugby 10 I was confident that I could get a new PB or very close to one. That was before my achilles tendon became a problem. Running was impossible for two weeks and then over the last four weeks I only managed to run three times a week for a maximum distance of six miles.
I knew that anywhere near a PB was not possible, but went into the run just happy to get round. Plenty of stretching before the race proved to be beneficial as I got to about eight miles before it started to hurt... only two to go, so you can't stop now...can you !!
Official finishing time of 1:18:07


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