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Park run 50 Parkrun 100

Every Saturday 9am

Coventry parkrun
The War Memorial Park, Kenilworth Road, Coventry.

To date I have ran at 22 different Parkrun venues:

Brueton (Solihull)
Braunstone (Leicester)
Victoria Park (Leicester)
Kingsbury Water Park
Leamington Spa
Cannon Hill Park (Birmingham)
 Arrow Valley (Redditch)
Conkers (Leicestershire)
 Perry Hall Park (Birmingham)
Stratford Upon Avon
 Clifton (Rugby)
Clermont Waterfront (Florida USA)
Market Harborough
Heartlands (Hayle, Cornwall)
Sutton Park (Birmingham)

During 2018 (Was originally a 2016 and then a 2017 target)
I hope to get to as many of the parkruns in the Midlands as possible.
The nearest yet to do is Wolverhampton (32 miles from home), but new events are
starting regularly so who knows where it will be !

My first parkrun was at Coventry, event number 2 on 13.2.2010.
On 18.6.2011 I joined the parkrun "50" club, the "100" club on  29.6.2013 and
"250" club on 18.8.2018.

The next milestone is the "500" club !!

You can view my parkrun results HERE

Marathon race reports - Click on the the flags to view

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Boston Marathon
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Chigaco Marathon Toronto Half Dingle
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 Abingdon Marathon
Union Jack

Cov Half Finish

Race for the finish line  - Coventry Half Marathon 2010

Coventry Half 1984
Coventry Half Marathon 1st July 1984

Technical Running Gear ? (Vest from C&A)  NO !

State of the art Gel running shoes ? NO !

Lucozade Isotonic sports drink ? NO !

Carbo loading enegy gels ? NO !

ChampionChip timimg ? NO !

They didn't exist in 1984, but they do now 


Firstly, let me state one thing
I am NOT a "Jogger" or "Fun Runner".

Anyone who runs 5 or 6 times a week and runs marathons would not describe themselves as either. 
Running 26.2 miles is not fun. You have to be determined, dedicated, and the odd bit of stubborness certainly helps.
I find both terms derisory, and am sure many other runners would agree with me. 
I began running in 1981 (I think !) and have successfully completed eight London Marathons, New York, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, 
Boston, Berlin, Chicago, Dingle and Abingdon. 
It could have been very different, when, as a 12 or 13 year old, a friend asked if I would like to go with him to the "Butts Stadium" which is where,
in those days Coventry Godiva Harriers trained. I wasn't interested in running and I didn't go. 
I think I'm a pretty good runner, but wonder what would have happened if I had gone along as a teenager. One thing for sure is we will never know.
My personal ambition was to compete in all 5 World Marathon Majors, which I achieved when running Chicago in 2010. 
In 2012 the Tokyo marathon was added to make 6 Marathon Majors , but I think I'm going to settle at having done the original five.
My London times were:
1988 - 3 hours 47 minutes and 50 seconds
1993 - 3 hours 45 minutes and 21 seconds
2002 - Finishing in a PB of 3 hours 28 minutes and 27 seconds, beating the target I had set myself for doing a sub 3:30 marathon.
2003 - Disappointing news....My target of a sub 3:20 remains safe. 
Three weeks before London I suffered a calf muscle injury. One week before I was doubtful if I would even be fit enough 
to compete. A 4 mile run on the Thursday before the marathon brought on no adverse reaction, so on Friday I decided to go 
for it.
I went into London with my last long run of 21.5 miles three weeks previous and only a couple of short runs in between, so my 
final preparation had not been ideal.. Glad to say the leg held out, but the target had to be revised to just compete and finish, 
which I did in 3 hours 37 minutes 34 seconds.

2004 -The training for the 2004 marathon went really well. For the first time in my twenty something years of running I took 
part in a measured and organised ten mile and twenty mile race. Yes, I had done those distances many many times in training but 
never in a race situation.

The ten miler was the Sneyd Striders Christmas pudding run, where I had targeted a 75 minute finish, and did an actual 
of 70 mins 45 seconds.

The twenty was a killer. I had heard many horror stories about the Ashby 20 but what the hell, I was going to do it anyway !.
The conditions were awful. If the undulating course wasn't enough of a challenge then the rain, hail, wind and low temperatures 
certainly made it one. For this one I had set my target at 2 hours 35mins, and posted an actual of 2 hours 29 mins and 6 seconds.

The rest of the training was made up of the usual runs during the week and long runs on a Sunday morning. My measurement 
of the route for our longest Sunday run is legendary at the club. I had measured it at 19.5 miles which everybody was happy with. 
When we finished running it, we couldn't understand why it took 2 hours 20 minutes to run 18 miles, but to run the newly measured
19.5 miles took an extra 30 minutes. Re measurement of the course revealed it was actually 21.5 miles and not 19.5........ oops !!!

Anyway the 2004 marathon bid failed, when I had to return from London the night before the marathon as my Dad was seriously ill. 
My number and chip were returned in exchange for a guaranteed place in the 25th anniversary 2005 London Marathon.

London 2005 details "2005 Race Results"

London 2007 details  "2007 Race Results"

London 2010 details  2010 Race Results

London 2011 details  2011 Race Results

I have also run many half marathons, including all the Coventry half's between- 1983 to 1988. 
Unfortunately, at the time I did not keep records of all my runs, but I have recently managed to track down the results 
of the Coventry half Marathons.

1983 2.23.26

1984 1.43.05

1985 1.32.40 PB (And still was up until 2007)

1986  1.43.43

1987   1.47.15

1988  1.41.27

In the 1996 Bedford half marathon, I finished the 13.1 miles in 1 hour 35 minutes and 48 seconds, and on Sunday 25th April 2004 
I completed the Stratford Shakespeare half marathon in 1 hour 35 minutes and 34 seconds.
The Milton Keynes half on Sunday 20th March 2005 was completed in 1 hour 32 minutes and 44 seconds - missing out on breaking 
a twenty year old PB by a 4 seconds. What a bummer.

Most of my London runs and the first Coventry Half  have raised money for the
Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

In 1983 I was the 2nd highest fund raiser in the UK running London raising 1,100

In 2002 I raised 1,050

My target for 2003 was to raise over 1,000.
The boys of "The Woodlands School" Coventry donated 500 raised from a non uniform day and Data World 2000, Coventry donated a further 250.
Peugeot, friends, family and colleagues came up with another 1165 giving a 
total sum raised of 1,915 easily smashing my target of 1,000.

Despite having to withdraw at the eleventh hour in 2004, I ran the Stratford Half the following week. 

My sponsors for London agreed to stand by their pledges, and I raised a total of 620. 

Since I started running I estimate that I have raised in excess of
  8,500 for the charity.



My Personal Best's

  5 2.10.2010 Coventry Park Run 19.16
5   27.6.2007 Godiva midsummer 5 31.55
  10 19.5.2011 Northbrook Coventry 10K 40.32
9   20.6.2010 Asics Arden 9 57.43
10   14.10.2007 Rugby 10 1.07.19
HALF MARATHON   26.9.2010 Kenilworth 1.26.36
20   13.3.2011 Ashby 2.25.43
MARATHON   10.10.2010 Chicago 3.12.14

And now a bit about Northbrook A C

northbrook badge


The club was founded in 1978, with the name "Nortbrook Striders"

I joined Northbrook Athletic Club in 1995 , and between 1998 and 2001 held the position of honorary treasurer. I became treasurer for a second time in 2014.

The club is based at The Jaguar sports and social club, Browns Lane, Coventry. Club night is Wednesday evening starting at 7.30pm. Most Sunday mornings you will find smaller groups out training in preparation for marathons etc.
We have over 150 members of varying abilities and distances, and new members are always given a very warm welcome. 

The club organise an annual 10k road race, usually in July, which celebrated its 17th year in 2017. We also host a cross country fixture in the Birmingham League. 

If you live in the area and are interested in joining us or just want to come along to see what we do please visit the clubs website for further details.

Come along and you will soon find out why we are known as "The Friendly Running Club"


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