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2012 Race Reports

2011 finished on a low with an achilles injury.

It would take lots more rest and physio, before I could put on my running shoes once more. January 10th to be precise when I
started my rehabilitation with a 15 minute treadmill run. I then ran every other day and increased the duration by 5 minutes
after every two runs.
Thankfully the return has been without any major issue, however on my second 35 minute run it tightened up and I took the
next four days off, before enjoying a 30 minute run in freshly fallen snow.
When I got home I immersed my foot in freezing cold water for 6 minutes !!

Since my setback in December, I had been worrying if I would be ready in time for the London Marathon. Although it was great 
to make a restart back into running, deep down I knew time was not on my side and decisions would have to be taken. 

Looking at the timeline I would need to cram 16 weeks training into 12 weeks and as I am still 2 weeks off 
doing a 60 minute run that comes down to 16 in 10 weeks. The other major assumption is that my achilles, or indeed any 
other part of my body remains injury free. With the required increase of both miles and intensity over a short period of time that would be a distinct possibility.   

So I have to say it is with heavy heart that I have made the decision to withdraw from the 2012 Virgin London Marathon. 
Not an easy decision, but I think its the right one. I can now concentrate on my recovery, and hopefully with the correct training 
I will come back stronger than before. 

We are now two thirds through February, and its getting really frustrating. I spent a week running 30 minutes every other day, 
and at the end of the week my achilles felt like it was on the mend. Two days later I did another 30 minutes and come the 
afternoon I was struggling to walk properly again. I have taken another four days off in the hope rest will help..... 
But alas it did not. I ran park run nice and steady and felt that it was OK. However the following day the soreness returned and 
I was struggling to walk properly. There could only be one outcome to this..... Complete rest from running, for at least 
two weeks and then re assess the situation. In the meantime I shall be doing 3 sets of 15 heel raises twice a day 
instead of once.

I am losing pounds from my wallet and putting pounds on my waistline with all this non running ....

11th March 2012...
Now four months after the original injury and three weeks since my last outing I have completed 15 minutes run. No problems 
whilst running and the day after if feels OK. Tomorrow is another short run, when I hope to be joined by Malcolm Gatenby, 
who I haven't seen for over thirty years. We are going to have to cram alot of talking in over 15 minutes ! 

4th May 2012...
Over the past few weeks I have continued to run, but allways with some soreness. 
It hasn't got any worse but more dissapointingly it definitely hasn't not got any better. 
On April 21st I decided that I would need to take more action to diagnose the problem, so I arranged to see a consultant, hoping that a scan may reveal an underlying problem. I have now seen him and have the diagnosis. In his words it is an injury which occurs in OLDER runners who have been running for a number of years,  "Acute non insertionary tendo achilles tendonitis". I had to write it down otherwise I would have forgotten it.

The treatment is one of two choices.:

  • First option is to inject a steroid into the area surrounding the achilles. I didn't want this as all it does is mask the pain. It does not sort out the root of the problem and when the steroid wears off in six months you need more. 
  • The second option is a relatively new technique, "Ultrasound shockwave therapy". This method initiates an inflamation type condition in the tissues being treated. The body responds by increasing the blood circulation and metabolism in the area which accelerates the body's own healing process. The success rate is over 75%, but NO running is allowed for three months after the treatment. 
At this moment I'm relieved. The thought of at least 3 months off is bad enough, but I know of runners who have required surgery for achilles injuries, and the recovery time for that is between 12 and 18 months.  


Virgin London Marathon 
Sunday 22nd April

Running Number 30869


At least I found a good use for my "finishing time" fridge magnet !!


Oxford Town And Gown 
Sunday 13th May

Distance 10k

Running Number 459

Finishing Position
396 / 2375

Age Category
24 / 177

Time 45.53

Town And Gown

This would be my first race of 2012.

When I entered months ago I never thought I would still be suffering with an achilles problem, so this was going to be one of those "get you round"
runs. If having an achilles problem wasn't bad enough, the day before I went
over on my bad ankle whilst doing park run and thought that I may not
even make it to the start line.

However, I made it and plodded round in 45.53. I took it  nice and steady,
but had to push it up the finishing straight to get under 46 minutes !

With the achilles therapy to begin soon not only would the T&G be my
first race of 2012 but there is every possiblity that it could also be the
 last...hence the sad face !

town and gown sad face small

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