About the Christmas Cracker Run

It all started in 2007 when I had the idea of putting on a social run just before Christmas, where hopefully runners could shed a couple of pounds before starting with the excesses of the Christmas period, and possibly get out of doing some last minute shopping !
I would invite friends, not just from Northbrook AC, but also friends who are not club runners, or are perhaps members of other clubs.
The emphasis would be on it being a social run for all abilities, a chance to run with new faces, and have a chat on the way round.
It would NOT be a race.

Due to a calf injury sustained the week before the inaugral run I was unable to take part, so I waved the runners off on their way and then returned later to welcome them back and give them their mince pie (or two) My first participation was not until 2008.
There were just a handful who turned up at the beginning, with numbers rising year on year. The best attended was 2014 when 52 runners took part.

Between 2007 and 2013 the run started from the car park at Tile Hill Station, and covered various distances, some years with three different distances on offer. I would always try and keep the runners together as much as possible before splitting off to go their various ways to maintain the social aspect.

One potential problem with running on a December morning is some of the country roads round Berkswell and Burton Green could be quite icy, covered in snow or both.
On one occasion the route was changed on the morning of the run. I had driven round the route and discovered Church Lane at Meriden was just to dangerous to run on. It was bad enough to drive on !
With problems like this in mind, in future years I planned some of the runs more on well used roads which would have been gritted etc.
My first and foremost consideration is always for the safety of the runners taking part. 

After running similar routes for the first seven years, I decided for 2014 that the run would have a new start from The War Memorial Car Park, with two routes of 8 and 12 miles, both heading out to the Kenilworth Greenway and back through Warwick University.
Also new for 2014 was the introduction of hot drinks at the finish. I had been providing mince pies from the beginning and thought drinks would be a welcome addition, particularly if it is a cold day. That seemed to go down well.

Because I supply all the food and drink at my own expense, it was suggested that participants make a small donation towards the cost. I organise the Christmas Cracker to get runners together and I'm not interested in covering my costs, so what better idea than to donate any money collected to charity.
This proved to be a great idea, with over 70 collected in 2014, and 2015 90 was raised, for Myton Hospice.

My target of raising over 100 was achieved at the 2016 run when we raised a fantastic 110 for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, and the 2017 run raised 100, however this was surpassed in 2018 when 153 was raised.
Well done, and thank you to all who contributed.

Once again for the 2019 event the tradition of  MINCE PIES and HOT DRINKS will continue, and they will be waiting for all runners at the end.
I will be collecting for the Muscular Dystropy Campaign, so please bring plenty of spare change with you. Lets see if we can smash last year's donation.
The charity is dear to me as my Brother, Graham, passed away aged 20 from this muscle wasting disease.

The Muscular Dystrophy group promote a number of races all over the country, and have charity places for the "big" races like VLM and the
Great North Run. Their Town and Gown events are popular 10k's, held at Oxford, Cambridge and Leicester.
They also promote cycling events, and if you have a head for heights how about a skydiving challenge ?
Further details can be found HERE

Have a great run, and thank you.

Christmas Cracker Participation Stats:
Number of runners and money raised.

2019 21 Runners  (120)
2018 46 Runners  (153)
2017 26 Runners  (100)
2016 30 Runners  (110)
2015 43 Runners    (90)
2014 52 Runners    (70)
2013 35 Runners
2012 30 Runners
2011 28 Runners
2007  6 Runners

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