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Park Run. Park Run. and more Park Runs / Centurion Grand Prix / Sphinx AC Coombe 8

It's September.... and not alot going on except for park runs.

Its been a dismal year so far, and one of slowly building up again from scratch.

So in lieu of race reports I'm going to tell a bit of a story.
Are you sitting comfortably ?
Then I shall begin....

Lets go back to May 1995.
Previously I'd had running shoes by Reebok, Saucony, Nike and a few other brands, and then 
I brought my first pair of Asics shoes from The Running Racquet at Balsall Common. Asics 122's.

After a few months and 300 miles the sole wore out under the toe.
I returned them to Asics via the retailer and Asics said it was normal wear and tear. I was not happy with that so I wrote to Asics to complain saying that I had used other brands which had lasted much longer. I would not by their brand again, and as a member of a running club I would be recommending to others that they should avoid  the Asics brand.
I had a reply from Asics, asking me to send the shoes back to them, and this time I was advised that I should return to the retailler and they would supply me with a new pair. The power of complaining had worked.

I then went through Cumulus, 2120,2130,2140,2150,2160, and 2170's.
Then they discontinued the 21 range and they became GT2000, of which I had Versions 1,2,3 and 4.
I also had Asics Kayano and Hyperspeed as well as spikes and off road shoes.
They were my favourite brand. A love match.

Then in 2017 after only 300 miles in my GT2000-4, I found the padding on the inside of the heel broke down and the material covering it had worn away.. Again I was not happy with this and I decided to try some other brands, and found Brooks Adrenaline GTS and Nike Structure would be good alternatives..
 I didn't want them to be, as I loved my GT2000's, but with heavy heart and a sense of disloyalty I opted for a pair of Nike Odyssey.
They feel different to my Asics, more cushioning and providing slightly more stability, but when I bend down to tie them up it doesn't look right !
Time will tell whether I stick with them or try something else.

As far as "competitive running" goes I am hoping to be able to take part in the Centurion Grand Prix Series which start on the 5th November
 and then the Sphinx Coombe 8, Keep those fingers crossed.

Centurion Grand Prix Series

2017 / 2018

5 Miles


Full results HERE

Organised by Centurion Running Club, consisting of 6 races over a 5 mile traffic free course round
 parkland in Chelmsley Wood. One small loop and two larger loops..

Alot has changed since I last ran this one.
Firstly part of the park has been sold off for the development of 52 new houses, and secondly the race now goes in the opposite direction with the start/finish line being moved a couple of hundred yards.
The building work has resulted in the footpath becomming partially fenced off and only wide enough for only two runners, so it makes it congested.
I thought that 39 minutes would be a reasonable target for today, and just wanted to run a comfortable race without pushing myself too hard.
 I think the congestion at the start helped, preventing me going off too quickly.
 There had been a couple of runners in front of me for a while, who I had been closing in on (or were they slowing down ?) and with about half a mile to go I decided to make the effort to get past them, which I did. 
A finish of 37.44 was a pleasant but unexpected surprise. A good mornings work done.
Tomorrow is a rest day. 

After a few cold days, Sundays weather picked up and it turned out to be a good morning for running.
All went well apart from a couple of twinges in my right hamstring. Once at the start of the final lap, and then again halfway round that lap.
It slowed me down but I ran through it. I reluctantly decided not to push when the finish line came into sight,
despite being on for beating last months time.

Click here to go to the Centurion Grand Prix 2017 / 2018  results
and here to go to my 2018 CGP race reports

Click HERE to view the CGP archive which has results going back to the 2001/2002 series
See how many names you recognise !

Race NumberOverall PositionAge PositionTime
Sunday 5th November9256 / 1494 /537.44
Sunday 3rd December9547 / 1172 / 237.52

Sphinx AC Coombe 8

8 Miles Off Road

Sunday 26th November

Race Number 176

Finish Position 144 / 346

Age Position 12 / 22

Organised by Sphinx AC Coventry.
An offroad run through the grounds of Coombe Abbey Park

I missed out on this one last year and have been working hard to be ready for this years race. In my build up I ran three 8 mile runs so I know I can do the distance. However this is not a road run.
Its mainly off road through woodland. There is some water to negotiate, which can be waist deep, (and cold)
not to mention the notorious  "Bomb Craters". Easy to get down but infinitely harder to get up the other side !

Cold morning (which it always seems to be for this race). No expectations, it would be "get round in the best time for your fitness level" type of race !

No quite so muddy as it has been in the past, but care always needed to avoid the rabbit holes.
I started conservatively and didn't go off too hard, I wanted to finish and get round in one piece.
The race can be broken down into three areas.
First is through fields and second through woodland. Both are a bit congested and can be difficult to get passed others due to narrow paths. The third area is again through fields but they are wide open so plenty of opportunity to overtake. It is in this field that you encounter the "Bomb Craters". My preferred strategy is to go down fast and let the momentum carry you up the other side. Best to have a clear run at them if possible so I try not to get too close to the runner in front - they may be the cautious type who are very careful (and slow) which throws you off you pace. 

Finishing time was 1:06:12.
Strangely enough this bettered my previous times of 1:07:02 in 2014, and 1:07.41 in 2015 so I must be doing something right !

A very nice technical long sleeve top was this year's race momento, and a cup of home made vegetable soup was waiting at the finish line.

A great race, thank you to Sphinx AC and for the support of the marshall who stood out in the cold so we could enjoy our race. Well done to all.

Full results HERE

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