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2017 Race Reports

Park Run. Park Run. and more Park Run

It's September.... and not alot going on except for park runs.

Its been a dismal year so far, and one of slowly building up again from scratch.

So in lieu of race reports I'm going to tell a bit of a story.
Are you sitting comfortably ?
Then I shall begin....

Lets go back to May 1995.
Previously I'd had running shoes by Reebok, Saucony, Nike and a few other brands, and then 
I brought my first pair of Asics shoes from The Running Racquet at Balsall Common. Asics 122's.

After a few months and 300 miles the sole wore out under the toe.
I returned them to Asics via the retailer and Asics said it was normal wear and tear. I was not happy with that so I wrote to Asics to complain saying that I had used other brands which had lasted much longer. I would not by their brand again, and as a member of a running club I would be recommending to others that they should avoid  the Asics brand.
I had a reply from Asics, asking me to send the shoes back to them, and this time I was advised that I should return to the retailler and they would supply me with a new pair. The power of complaining had worked.

I then went through Cumulus, 2120,2130,2140,2150,2160, and 2170's.
Then they discontinued the 21 range and they became GT2000, of which I had Versions 1,2,3 and 4.
I also had Asics Kayano and Hyperspeed as well as spikes and off road shoes.
They were my favourite brand. A love match.

Then in 2017 after only 300 miles in my GT2000-4, I found the padding on the inside of the heel broke down and the material covering it had worn away.. Again I was not happy with this and I decided to try some other brands, and found Brooks Adrenaline GTS and Nike Structure would be good alternatives..
 I didn't want them to be, as I loved my GT2000's, but with heavy heart and a sense of disloyalty I opted for a pair of Nike Odyssey.
They feel different to my Asics, more cushioning and providing slightly more stability, but when I bend down to tie them up it doesn't look right !
Time will tell whether I stick with them or try something else.

As far as competitive running goes I am looking to take part in the Sphinx Coombe 8, and then if all goes well,
 the Centurion Grand Prix series, which begin in November.
Keep those fingers crossed.

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