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2019 Race Reports
Centurion Grand Prix / Massey Ferguson Tractor 10k / Bosworth Half Marathon / Ryton Pools 5 /
Vitality London 10k /  Two Castles 10k /  
Sphinx 5 /  Silverstone 10k / Centurion  Grand Prix /

Centurion Grand Prix Series

2018 / 2019

5 Miles


Schoolboy error - Looking at your watch as you cross the finish line instead of smiling for the camera

Full results HERE

Organised by Centurion Running Club, consisting of 6 races over a 5 mile traffic free course round
 parkland in Chelmsley Wood. One small loop and two larger loops..

Good day for racing, not too cold and no wind.
Today there would be prizes in the over 60 year old category, so I was hopeful I may be a winner.
I started with a 7:15 first mile, followed by 7:24, 7:26 7:22 and 7:00, for a total time of 36:30, which was my best time at the Grand Prix since February 2016. Happy days.

Despite finishing second in the MV60 age category, there were two MV65's who finished in front of me, and they were awarded prizes, so I came 4th overall in the over MV60 category

My calf has been a bit sore for two weeks, after I had tripped going upstairs.
Decided to do the sensible thing and give it a rest, so no CGP this month. Hopefully I'll be back for the March fixture.

After missing last months run, I had been doing plenty of stretching and weights in the gym, and started back running with 10 minutes and built up slowly from there. After doing a five mile run (very slowly) on Wednesday I felt confident that I could do the race without any problems. I just wanted to get round today, so was pleased to complete the race in 40.07

A great day for running. Very still and ideal temperature.
Not may taking part today, as there were quite a few other local events happening.
I had written on my hand my fastest and slowest times of this seasons series, and hoped to get closer to the fastest than the slowest.
 During the week I had done 9 miler (my longest run since June 2016), a 5.5 miler and a parkrun the day before Centurion, so I wasn't expecting to do a fast time. At the moment its all about being able to run regularly, and trying to buld up some speed, which is sadly lacking. 
In the end I was nearer to my slowest time, which was dissapointing but i'd rather be out there running slow than not running at all.
I probably should have rested on Saturday and missed parkrun !

As always a nice engraved glass momento for completing at least four races in the series.
A great event and I look forward to competing again in the next series.

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See how many names you recognise !

Race NumberOverall PositionAge PositionTime
Sunday 4th November42147 / 1171 / 437.38
Sunday 2nd December13937 / 106
2 / 737.57
Sunday 6th January29549 / 1312 / 736.30
Sunday 3rd FebruaryNO RUN THIS MONTH - CALF NOT 100%
Sunday 3rd March9156 / 1043 / 640.07
Sunday 7th April28633 / 643 / 538.33

Massey Ferguson
Tractor 10k

Monday 22nd April 2019

Race Number 1579

Finishing Time

Finishing position
145 / 428
Age Position
12 / 35

MF Tractor 10k

MF Tractor 10k

Full results HERE

Well, at the third time of asking I finally got to run this race.
This was the third edition of the race and in 2017 I had not entered due to injury, and in 2018 I entered,
but withdrew with an injury.

A three lap race within the grounds of Stoneleigh Park,
which is just a ten minute drive from Coventry
Previously known as "National Agricultural Centre", and final home to annual "Royal Show".
The show started way back in 1839, and was held at Stoneleigh between 1963 and 2009.
Rising costs and dwindling visitors were to blame.

Two trivial points are worthy of note here:

As I teenager I had to walk home from the Showground. My friend and I had boarded the bus back to Coventry.
In those days the conductor came round to collect your fare, and as we didn't have enough money we
were kicked off !

Secondly whilst I was employed by the Coventry And District Co-Operative Society (so it would have been sometime between 1973 and 1979) I worked at the show selling ice cream !

Anyway, as the title of this web site suggests, its about running so let's talk running.

The race limit is 500 and it sells out every year, and I would guess the majority of entrants are club runners.
A 10 am start with temperatures of 64.0F it was going to be a warm one. I tried to run evenly but my times were a bit eratic, with a first mile of 7.16, then 7.34, 7.46, 7.43, 7.41, and 7.32.
I had a couple of Northbrook runners on my tail during the last lap so I tried to shake them off, and then when catching another two up I wanted to push on past them, which I managed to do.

The course itself is not that exciting, but it is reasonably flat, with just one incline.
Water on every lap and great support from the marshalls.
Bespoke medal, Natures Harvest cereal bar and more water at the finish.

Overall very well organised, but a three lap course is never going to be that exciting.
Would I do it again ?  
Probably !
Part of the Warwickshire Road Race League


Bosworth Half Marathon

Sunday 12th May

Race Number 355

Finishing Time

Finishing position
220 / 811
Age Position
5 / 19

Bosworth Half 2019

Full results HERE

This would be my third Bosworth Half Marathon, after having run in 2015 and 2016.
It would also be my first half since the Bosworth 2016 race.

The previous Sunday I ran 12.25 miles in 1hr 44 minutes, which I was happy with as it's been a
long time since I ran that distance.
I would love to get somewhere near 1.45 / 1.48 on the day, but as I haven't put a massive amount of
training in that might be a bit hopeful.

Race day came and brought a change in the weather.
The cold and rain of the last few days had been replaced by a warm, still day.
I was nervous from the moment I woke up,
aprehensive about running a half, but once the race was
underway all that dissapeared and I got on with the task in hand.

Everything was going well, but at the second drinks station I missed the outstretched hand of the marshall and missed the cup. Undeterred I carried on, not a problem as I had drunk at the previous drink station. About a sixth of a mile later I noticed my Garmin was off. It had been fully charged the previous evening so it couldn't be discharged. I pressed the on button and it fired up. Full battery. I can only assume that in trying to grab the cup the marshall had caught my Garmin and hit the off button. It was annoying as I didnt know how long I had been running for so the best I could do was estimate by using the mile markers and my average pace.

When I turned the final corner there was not a clock on the gantry so I had no idea of my time but thought I should be less than 1.45.
I waited for the results to be pinned up, and  I anxiously looked down the list to find I had done 1.43.05 so I was really pleased with that.

Dont know what I was worried about... It's just like falling off a bike. You get back in the saddle and carry on !

Excellent event,  bespoke medal, but no T Shirt this year.
Goody bag containing bananna, four or five gels and a water bottle.
Plenty of toilets and showers as well.

No doubt i'll be back.

Spa Striders

Ryton Pools 5 Miles

Thursday 23rd May

Race Number 53

Finishing Time

Finishing position
189 / 356
Age Position
35 / 54

Full results HERE

Race organised by Spa Striders Running Club, held at Ryton pools country park.

With on the night entries only, it pays to get there early.
Good job I did as this year the race was sold out and runners were turned away dissapointed.

At 6 it's a no frills race. No Tee shirt, no medal, but there is water and bananas to all finishers.

A warm and dry day made the first couple hundred yards very dusty, which was to be expected.
Two and a half laps round the park, with a slight route change from the previous events.

Part of the Warwickshire Road Race League


Vitality London 10k

Monday 27th May

Race Number 7455

Finishing Time

Finishing position
3121 / 19465
Age Position
32 / 380

Full results HERE

Early start for this one. Up at 5.30am and on the train at 6.50am.

The pre / post race village is in Green Park, so nice and easy to get to from Euston
Start line is on the Mall, exiting through Admiralty Arch and through Westminster towards St Pauls Catherdral.
The run in is down Whitehall, past Downing Street and onto Birdcage Walk and finish back on the Mall.

Lots of twists and turns, and very congested.
 I spent the first half of the race trying to get past runners - 
the stats show that in the first 5k I passed 250 runners and 77 passed me
and in the second 5k I passed 320 and only 28 passed me.

My half way time was 23:32 and fastest miles were mile 4 and 6 in 7:11
.....yes I know it was a 10k race but I'm old school and everything is run in miles !!


Two Castles 10k

Sunday 9th June

Race Number 134

Finishing Time

Finishing position
413 / 4000
Age Position
29 / 305

Two Castles 2019

Full results HERE

This was my 10th Two castles run, the first one being 1995 !

Great conditions for running for this popular event between Warwick Castle and Kenilworth Castle, with plenty of support all the way round.

 I would say that its inclusion in the Warwickshire Road Race League significantly bumps up the number of
club runners taking part, as alot of them are not fans of this race, and would probably give it a miss if it wasn't a league race.

4000 runners finished the race, the split of unattached runners to club runners was 3061 (76.5%) to 939 (24.5%).

Part of the Warwickshire Road Race League  

Sphinx Summer 5 mile

Wednesday 12th June

Race Number 176

Finishing Time

Finishing position
191 / 404
Age Position
20 / 42

Full results HERE

Unfortunately there was nothing "Summer" about this race. Heavy rain from about 6pm
made it very wet, with standing water and low hanging branches to contend with.
Runners were all huddled around the pavillion taking refuge from the rain.

My target pre race was to get close to 37.30, so finishing 8 seconds quicker was decent result.

Nice custom "5" shaped medal, and free cakes at the end.

Part of the Warwickshire Road Race League  

Silverstone 10k

Wednesday 2nd September

Race Number 176

Did Not start

Full results HERE

This race is part of the East Midlands Grand Prix series, and usually takes place in May,
but this year it was put back as the track at Silverstone was being resurfaced.

Everything had been going well until 11 days before the race. After doing a Sunday morning run, my back
became painful, and continued to do so. It is now 8 days after that run and it has only eased off this morning, following taking paracetamol, ibupfofen and a perscribed anti inflammatory tablet.
I have absolutely no idea why it happened, but I'm confident it had nothing to do with running.
I have a history of back issues going back 30 years, just hoping it's nothing too serious.

With only two days to go, I would say it looks unlikely that I will make the starting grid.
It is now one day after the race, and common sense prevailed.
I look forward to running in the 2020 race.

Centurion Grand Prix Series

2019 / 2020

5 Miles

CGP NOV 2019

Full results HERE


The first race in the 2019/2020 series.
The previous day I had run Warwick Racecourse parkrun in heavy rain, cold and windy conditions,
wearing a rain jacket with two tops underneath and leggings !

Today's race was under ideal conditions. I even wore shorts and a vest.... OK I had a T shirt under my vest !

I had written last years fastest and slowest times on the back of my hand, and I finished inbetween
 the two so I was happy with that.


Race NumberOverall PositionAge PositionTime
Sunday November 3rd82      44 / 1082 / 738.41
Sunday December 1st

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