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2020 Race Reports
Centurion Grand Prix /  

Centurion Grand Prix Series

2019 / 2020

5 Miles

2019 / 2020 Full results HERE

Organised by Centurion Running Club, consisting of 6 races over a 5 mile traffic free course round
 parkland in Chelmsley Wood. One small loop and two larger loops..

Unfortunately had to miss this one.
The previous Monday I was within half mile of home when my left calf tightened up. To be expected really as I had run injury free since July 2019 !
It just came on without warning, and the best plan was to rest it, but I dont mind saying I was pretty
pissed off as it meant no parkrun double on New Years Day.

Tried out the calf a week prior to the Febraury race, and I only lasted for 5 minutes.
It had felt Ok but obviously it needed more time. A period of rest required.

MARCH (1.3.2020)
So being the sensible person I am (not) I rested my calf for 5 whole weeks before starting running again. in the interim I had did alot of work on the stepper to keep my fitness up, whilst not overloading my legs.
I then started running for 15 minutes, then 18, then 20, 22, 25 and 30 minutes.
All went well so I did Coventry parkrun on 29th February
(as there will not be another Saturday 29th Feb until the year 2048), so it had to be done !!

Sunday turned out a reasonable day for running, dry, but a strong headwind along the back straight (three times) meant it was hard work. Some standing water, ankle deep couldn't be avoided. I maintained a steady pace all the way round, and happy to get round in one piece.
My legs were sore on Monday, but by Wednesday all was back to normal.

MARCH (15.3.2020)
The second race in march due to the December race being cancelled due to an outbreak of norovirus
at the school used for race HQ.
Driving over to the race the heavens opened, but by race time it had stopped.
It then proceeded to rain again on the way home.
The puddles had mainly dried up since the last race but they had been replaced with mud.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be another get round in one piece race, having slightly jarred my ankle the previous weekend, and I had only run a total 30 minutes at the start of the week, and then rested until race day.

April's race is in doubt due to Corona Virus.

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See how many names you recognise !

Race NumberOverall PositionAge PositionTime
Sunday 3rd November82
44 / 108
4 / 5 38.41
Sunday 1st December
Sunday 5th January
Sunday 1st March155
40 / 74
4 / 7
Sunday 15th March 220
34 / 58
4 / 7 41.44
Sunday 5th April

On the 24th March 2020 the UK was placed in "Lock Down" due to the escalation of Corona Virus "COVID19".

As from this date the government stipulated that you could only leave the house for shopping, work (but working from home was to be the norm where possible), collecting medicine, and once a day for excercise, which could be a RUN, walk or cycle). Social distancing was introduced where you should keep a distance of two metres between you and another person. All restaurants, bars, cinemas, gyms and mass attendance events like football were also banned, and only essential shops remained open.
This would have far reaching effects on the running community, which would see major events like London, Boston and Berlin marathons cancelled or rescheduled together with parkruns and all local races. Running clubs were unable to meet.

The lockdown has had a positive effect on my running.
I have been going out every other day running either 5 miles or 10k, and between lockdown start and 30th April I have done 100 miles !


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